Jul 14 2014

Atmega644P/1284P: new core for the Arduino IDE 1.5.7

New core for the Arduino IDE 1.5.7 that add support for the Atmega644P/1284P MCUs. As usual, instructions on how to install it are in the attached README.

Core Atmega644P/1284P for Arduino IDE 1.5.7

Jul 13 2014

(Italiano) Nuova guida per programmare gli ATtiny con l’IDE 1.5.7

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Jul 04 2014

Cash Split

iphone3p5_4I’m glad to introduce the new iOS app that we’ve delevoped here at Phoenix SEACash Split. Cash Split is an iPhone and iPad app that can keep track of all the expenses you do when you’re doing a trip with your friends and make the final balance to know who has to refund who. Finally, you will be able to forget the headaches that you had when trying to do the sums to know each of you had spent during the journey, who has to be refunded and so on: Cash Split will do all of this for you. So, at the end of your trip. Cash Split will generate a graceful balance where you’ll find the average expense, the amount of money spent by each participant and who will have to refund who. More info and the link to the App Store at this page.

Jun 22 2014

How to update the Atmel toolchain on Mac OS X

In this article I’ll show you how to update the Atmel toolchain on OS X systems to be able to use the newest compiling tools available. First, I have to say that the compilation of the toolchain on OS X is painful! Thanksfully, we can solve this problem using CrossPack! CrossPack contains the toolchain compiled and ready to use on our system that we can download and install in a couple of minutes. Be careful: CrossPack only runs on OS X 10.6 or newer, this guide has been tested on Mavericks: I think that everything can work on older versions of the system with few (or, maybe, no) changes.

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May 22 2014

On 22, may, 1980, Pac-Man was released

On may 22, 1980, exactly 34 years ago, Namco published one of the best selling games of the videogames’ history, Pac-Man. First released as an arcade machine, during the years it was converted to almost all the home video game platforms and ported to all the 8-bits computers of that time. During the years to follow it was also ported to any game system that was released into the market and today it is still possible to buy it in every major mobile app store.

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Apr 28 2014

Atmega644P/1284P core updated for IDE 1.5.6-R2

I’ve updated the core for the Arduino IDE to support the Atmega644P/1284P. Compared to the previous release of the package, I’ve fixed some bugs that blocked the correct upload of a sketch using the bootloader.

Mar 12 2014

Ardu Companion

Ardu Companion 3In the last couple of month I’ve been involved in the development of an iPhone app, Ardu Companion, that finally it has been released on App Store.

Ardu Companion is an extremely, powerful and complete companion tu use in your daily projects and experiments with electronics prototyping. In fact, Ardu Compaion provides a complete set of tools to help you in developing with 8 bits Atmel micro-controllers and developing platforms, like the Arduino boards.

These tools include: calculators for Timers, PWMs, ADCs (these three tools are for free and 100% functioning), other tools include: sample codes for timers, PWMs, ADCs, watchdog, debouncing and serial-data management, tools to obtain the values of resistors and inductors from the color codes on the components, the Ohm’s law, calculators for RC/RL/LC/RLC filters, voltage dividers, the series/parallel resistor circuits, the time for charging capacitors, the usage of op-amps, how to calculate the resistor for LEDs, how to configure an LM317 voltage regulator, how to use an NE555, and how to calculate the heat of a silicon junction (these tools are offered with in-app purchase).

When using the calculators for timers, PWM, and ADC, if you tap on the “?” button you’ll get a brief explanation on how that peripheral works and what are the registers to configure it (tap on the floating info window to close it). Fill the required fields and tap on the Compute button to calculate the values you need. Tap on Clear all to clear all the fields.


Ardu Companion 1 Ardu Companion 2 Ardu Companion 4


Ardu Companion is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms too.

Download_OSX Download_Win Download_Linux

For the desktop version only, you can purchase the additional functionalities from here:

Jan 06 2014

The computer’s bug

Computer bugIn computer science an error in a software is usually named as bug. It can be serious or not, from an undesired behavior to a crash of the software itself. If, aftwerward, the bug affects a notable part of the system, it can compromize the security of the computer. The web attacks that use bugs discovered into the web servers that host internet sites are well known. But where does the term “bug” from?

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Nov 24 2013

Let’s schedule our jobs with millis()

Millis() is a function provided by the Arduino core that returns the number of milliseconds since the board has been powered on. Millis() is based on a counter that is automatically incremented by an interrupt attached to the timer 0, for the value it returns constantly increases not being influenced by the user’s code.

We can use millis() to schedule the execution particular actions, like it was a timer that give the starting signal at our code without blocking the execution of the same code awaiting the right moment to do jobs.

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Nov 19 2013

ATmega644P/1284P core updated for IDE 1.5.4

ATmega644I’ve updated the additional core that supports the ATmega644P & ATmega1284P microcontrollers to work with the IDE 1.5.4.

Just download the attached package (click on “Read the rest of this entry”), uncompress it and copy the folder /megax4 into the folder /hardware of the IDE 1.5.4. More details in the README.txt.

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